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Jerod's New Book Available Now!

“Gems of experience on opportunity, creating success, winning over self-doubt, compassion, conquering fear, and many more life lessons for the young or aspiring entrepreneur”


Don't Miss! Upcoming Podcast: Executive Women in the music industry and much more. Interview with Ashley Burns. 


What I Bring

“Study success. It can be duplicated” 


Positive energy and enthusiasm and encouragement are built into my DNA. I bring positive mindset and perspective. I connect ideas, people, and innovation to problem solve. I seek and create synergy between people and teams using practical knowledge, tapped experience and creativity to drive a positive growth directive.


My teams and groups love what we do, learn from each other by exchanging knowledge and positivity. Finish lines are just part of the journey. Over used, but "do what you love and you won't ever work again" true when you make it happen.

What I Do

“Be true, live to purpose, love many, give with no conditions” 


I help people become better people. I share my skill set to help others build successful sales, marketing and personal growth initiatives. I have 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the corporate world across multiple industries. I have an MBA from Pepperdine University. I am an Executive Movie Producer of the feature film REMARKABLE POWER. I have secured global trademarks and negotiated million dollar business and licensing agreements.  I am a BMI music publisher and have written music for screenplays and soundtracks. Now I am giving back my knowledge through my life's purpose: Rugged Human.



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