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Binaural Beats and Frequencies: The Beginning of TrySync™ Technology.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I wanted to learn about binaural beats, what they are, the science behind them and how to make music using them.

"There are many frequencies that are important to Sound Healers and Neurological Researchers. Some are found in nature like the '˜Schumann Resonance' which is the vibrating frequency of our Earth or specific frequencies that have been found to heal certain ailments in our bodies. If you Google, '˜Brainwave Entrainment', you will come across a myriad of websites devoted to reprogramming the brain by listening to Binaural Beats. These audio tracks are designed to access our different brainwave patterns and mental states like Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. I was surprised to find so many online businesses cropping up offering Binaural Beats, some with new techniques and cutting edge science. Neuroscientists, psychologists, self-help gurus and healers are combining forces to change our perception of healing and to find balance in our lives through this cutting edge field of sound."- Lynda Arnold

Here are the five brainwave states that I am thinking about now and see if I can create music that will affect them.

  • Beta (14 '" 30 Hz) '" This is our awake and active state of awareness. In Beta state, we have lots of energy as we get things done and are in our peak concentration mode. If we stay in this mode too much, it can be very stressful to our minds and bodies.

  • Alpha (8 '" 14 Hz) This is our awake but relaxed state of awareness. In this state we can figure out creative solutions to problems. Our mind is clear and able focus on a goal. When we watch top performing athletes, chess players or jazz musicians, they are drawing from their alpha state of awareness.

  • Theta (4 '" 8 Hz) This state is associated with imagining and dreaming during sleep as well as imagining and daydreaming during the day. Our memories and things we learn are stored and retrieved from our subconscious mind in this state.

  • Delta (0.5 '" 4 Hz) This state is associated with deep sleep. Our minds and bodies are getting the rest and rejuvenation we require before the new day begins.

  • Gamma (30-80 Hz) This state is associated with heightened attention and awareness. Our minds are finely tuned into what we are experiencing.

I have been experimenting now for a few years and have honed in on a particular set of frequencies in the Gamma range that when combined with specific rhythmic patterns and time signatures have amplified my meditations and contemplations enormously as far as the benefits I am getting.

I have been creating very specific sound tracks and audio backgrounds that are significantly speeding up how quickly I am getting into the "zone" of my meditations. Very intriguing new frontiers. Will keep you posted.

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